• Current State of Lean Education
  • Goals and Strategies for Advancing Lean Education
  • Developing User Groups
  • Sharing Best Practices for the 21stCentury
  • Develop Model for Teaching Lean
  • Creating Organization and Action

Why Attend?

Learn, share, and connect at the Lean Educator Summit, which provides the practical learning you need to bring Lean thinking into the teaching domain. We bring together experts from both academia as well as industry to discuss practical strategies, best practices and pedagogical approaches on how to teach Lean thinking to students at different levels. The summit is a unique opportunity to connect you with both peers and experts and reinvigorate your teaching practice.

The two days summit will focus on topics such as challenges for lean educators, mapping the lean higher education eco-system, connecting lean to traditional curriculum among other practical topics. These topics will aim at providing direct applications to different teaching settings through interactive sessions and workshops.


This year, the conference will be hosted by Cal Poly State University – San Luis Obispo and the Lean Education Academic Network (LEAN)

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